A clever Tesla owner is using his Model S to mine cryptocurrency for free

tesla mining

Building a cryptocurrency miner that doubles as a heater is cool, but one inventor has taken the concept of mining to a whole new level. A creative Tesla owner managed to fit a legitimate mining rig inside the trunk of his shiny Model S.

But here is the best part: all the electricity needed to keep the mining rig running is coming from Tesla’s free Superchargers – or so the inventor says. The quirky setup went viral after the inventor took to Facebook group Tesla Owners Worldwide to share images of the Model S-fitted miner.

For those unfamiliar with the term, mining refers to the process of solving series of cryptographic puzzles in order to verify transactions on the blockchain. One of the common issues with mining, though, is that it requires a substantial amount of computing power – which in turn results in bigger electricity bills.

For this reason, miners are constantly seeking for more environment-friendly and cost-efficient solutions. In fact, this is precisely how the idea for the Tesla-miner came to exist.

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