Nasdaq Plans to Introduce Bitcoin Futures

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Nasdaq Inc. is charging into the race to bring bitcoin to a greater swath of investors, as the digital currency’s price barreled beyond $11,000 on Wednesday. The New York-based exchange operator plans to introduce bitcoin futures next year, according to a person familiar with the matter, becoming the third major U.S. exchange to dive into the red-hot market for […]

An in-depth look at Google’s first Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

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There’s a common thread that connects Google services such as Google Search, Street View, Google Photos and Google Translate: they all use Google’s Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU, to accelerate their neural network computations behind the scenes. Google announced the TPU last year and recently followed up with a detailed study of its performance and architecture. In short, […]

blockchain flow chart

Deloitte: 26,000 Open-Source Blockchain Projects Introduced in 2016

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In its new report entitled “Evolution of blockchain technology,” Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms with a $38.6 billion annual revenue, revealed that more than 26,000 blockchain projects were released in 2016. Data presented above in the infographic provided by Deloitte is based on cumulative analysis done by the Deloitte blockchain team, which […]

Website uses neural networks to enlarge small images, and the results are pretty magical

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You know how in CSI, the cops always try to “enhance” a shot to zoom in and read (non-existent) details in photos? It’s amusing to the rest of us, but perhaps one day won’t be all that impossible, with artificial intelligence. Researchers have been adopting neural networks and machine learning technologies to help computers fill in […]

How To Earn A ‘Top 3’ Local Business Listing In Google Search

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Back in August, Google changed up its desktop search results for local businesses. Originally, local search results were grouped as a package of seven, highlighting seven local businesses that matched a user’s query. While on mobile devices, this package was reduced to three to save space. Now, the desktop listings match their mobile counterparts—users have only […]