Niantic is hosting a ‘Pokemon Go’ AR photography contest

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How good are your Pokémon Go photography skills? We’re asking, because Niantic is holding an in-app augmented reality photography contest for all players where Pokémon Go has been officially released. Yep, it’s not limited to US residents only, and the winner will get a sweet swag bag containing a poster autographed by the team, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds and […]

5 Ways to Design a Website People Actually Want to Visit, According to an Expert

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At some point, you’ve probably visited a business’s website, taken one look, and immediately had the urge to pound the “X” button. A new study has some insight into why that might be. EyeQuant, a German-based website design consultancy founded in 2009, uses artificial intelligence to study websites and determine what features are likely to connect with visitors–and […]